Aluminum Plate

Sheet and plate is the most widely used form of industrial aluminum, used in aerospace, transportation, packaging, and construction. We carry several common forms including diamond plate, expanded, perforated, and painted.

Standard:JIS, AiSi, ASTM, GB, DIN, EN etc

Thickness:0.1-200mm or customer required

Width: 100-200mm,according to customer’s required

Length: 2000mm,2440mm or as reuqired

Surface: Coated, Embossed,Brushed, polished, Anodized,etc

Application: Decoration, heat-sink device, external walls, storage, sheets for construction, etc.

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Product Details

Aluminum Plate refers to the rectangular plate processed by aluminum ingot rolling, which is divided into pure aluminum plate, 

alloy aluminum plate, thin aluminum plate, medium thickness aluminum plate, pattern aluminum plate.  We can customize the 

material and size according to your requirement.

Aluminum Plate Aluminum Plate Aluminum Plate Aluminum Plate

Aluminum Sheet/plate


JIS, AiSi, ASTM, GB, DIN, EN etc


1000 Series,2000,3000 Series,4000Series,5000Series,6000Series,7000Series,8000Series,,9000Series



0.1-200mm or customer required


100-200mm,according to customer’s required


2000mm,2440mm or as reuqired


Coated, Embossed,Brushed, polished, Anodized,etc

OEM service

 Perforated, Cutting special size, Doing flatness, Surface treatment,etc

Delivery Time

Within 3 days for our stock size,15-20days for our production


 Construction filed, Ships building industry, Decoration, Industry,Manufacture,Machinery and hardware fields, etc


Free and available


 Export standard package: bundled wooden box, suit for all kinds of transport,or be required

Product Inventory

We are a professional aluminum dealer. With the support of the most professional aluminum manufacturers and a large number 

of customers, we can not only provide you with ordinary aluminum but also help you find very personalized aluminum, such as 

special aluminum grades, Special sizes, special craft shapes, etc.

Aluminum Plate  Aluminum Plate  Aluminum Plate

Aluminum Plate  Aluminum Plate  Aluminum Plate

Packaging And Shipping

We adopt standard export shipping packaging and bundles steel strips according to the size of the aluminum sheet. According 

to our delivery experience, a 20-foot container can hold 22 tons of aluminum, and a 40-foot container can hold 25 tons of aluminum. 

For larger orders, we use bulk vessels to transport you, and the price is cheaper. Also, we can customize the packaging according 

to the needs customers. 

Aluminum Plate  Aluminum Plate  Aluminum Plate

Aluminum Plate  Aluminum Plate  Aluminum Plate

Our Service

We offer a wide range of advanced and standard aluminum machining services for aluminum products. We specialize in 

customized machining services to meet your most challenging aluminum needs.

The aluminum services we can provide include turning, milling, planing, drilling, boring, grinding, gear cutting and CNC 

machining services. Of course, we can offer deformation processing services such as bending, cutting, rolling, and stamping.

Why choose us ?

We provide our customers with unbeatable service, while providing top quality products at competitive prices. By treating 

people the way we want to be treated our customers have come to trust Steel Sales and the work we do.We work alongside 

our customers, big and small,to make sure their unique needs are met. Our experience helps us contribute to each customer's 


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