About Us

Company Description:

Zhongxi (shandong) Metal Technology Co., Ltd. is an international service provider trading manufacturing and supply company. We produce various products such as stainless products aluminum and copper. Since 2000 we have supplied high quality products to customers throughout CHINA and worldwide. We have established ourselves as a first choice supply partner of major manufacturing companies throughout the nation since then. Our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are very competitively priced .Although a high proportion of our customers are blue-chip market leaders seeking global procurement and supply solutions ,we are also more than happy to cater for smaller quantity requirements and we maintain stocks in our distribution centers. In Zhongxi, you can buy your satisfaction products forever.

Corporate Culture:

Zhongxi (shandong) Metal Technology Co., Ltd serves the purpose of honest and honors reputation.

Leadership speech:

The hard work and hard work of the employees allow the company to achieve significant achievements. The smile of the employees, the grass and the trees of the factory all made me feel relieved, and was happy and proud of such colleagues and employees. I earnestly hope that all employees and managers will work together to overcome all difficulties and work hard to complete this year's production goals and tasks.

Zhongxi (shandong) Metal Technology Co., Ltd   Zhongxi (shandong) Metal Technology Co., Ltd   Zhongxi (shandong) Metal Technology Co., Ltd